VOIP services for any size business

Whether you have one phone or 100 phone lines, Fireline Broadband can customize a cost saving solution for you. Fireline Broadband can deliver dial tone to your existing PBX over our high speed internet connection. Why not leave behind the legacy of traditional phone lines and transition to Fireline Broadband’s VOIP services. Our hosted VOIP service eliminates the cost of purchasing and maintaining a hardware-based PBX.  Let us provide a complete phone system for a fraction of what it would cost to purchase a traditional PBX.

We offer simple pricing plans and you get to keep your existing number(s). We help you the whole way through to make the transition effortless. Once you are connected, we can move, add change lines or relocate handsets seamlessly. Scale your communications solution on demand. Our teams of professionals are always available to assist you.

Things Work Better When They Work Together

  • Fireline Broadband’s integrated Voice and Data package enables you to use your existing phone system whether they are Analog lines, Digital lines (via PRI), or IP PBX (via SIP Trunking).

  • Let Fireline Broadband meet your telecommunication needs in the most cost-effective way by offering unique voice and data solutions custom tailored specifically for your growing business.

  • Fireline Broadband’s voice and data solutions is uniquely designed to deliver high capacity bandwidth and failover that other providers cannot provide.

  • Customize package to meet the needs of your day-to-day operations while saving you time and money.

  • Voice and data can be set up to run over separate links so that you do not experience slowdowns or service degradation.

  • Fireline Broadband’s communication solutions can provide a pure IP-based telephone system or gateways that inter-operate with an organizations existing voice infrastructure and legacy device regardless of manufacturer.

  • There is no need to replace your current phone system; Fireline Broadband’s solution plugs right into your existing PBX. No equipment upgrade or replacement is required.


A single line with 23 voice channels which allows your business to hold 23 calls simultaneously

SIP Trunking

Use your Fireline Internet or internal communication system to access the internet and outside phone lines. Combine your voice data over a single circuit.

Hosted Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Services

Tired of the daily hassles associated with managing an on-site phone system? Fireline Broadband’s Hosted Phone Solution will save you time and money. Our Hosted VOIP Solutions let us you choose a plan that is right for your business needs.

Our Hosted voice solution delivers all the services of a switch without the capital investment requirement or expensive cost of maintenance.

Key Benefits of a Hosted Voice Solution

  • Reliability

    Get your internet and phones from the same company

  • Scalability

    As your business grows you can simply add more phone lines

  • Lower monthly phone bill

    With free inter-office and unlimited local calling plans you save a fortune each month

  • Support

    24/7/365 customer and technical service support

  • System updates and enhancements

    Let us provide the latest updates and enhancements

  • Flexibility

    Pay for only what you need. Bandwidth and phone lines are customized to meet your business needs.

  • Price

    Bring us a competitive quote, show us your current bill and we will save you money, guaranteed! We will meet or beat any competitor’s price quote

  • Savings

    Combined services providing better cost savings overall

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