Agent Program

Provide value added services to your customers.

Fireline Broadband knows the importance of building strong relationships. Leverage our network and connect your business to your customers.  Fireline Broadband delivers the next generation of products and solutions to assist all IT Professionals in the development and implementation of their data continuity strategy. Our Agents are a direct extension of our business enabling us to provide you and your customers with superior solutions to manage their business needs.

Fireline Broadband’s agent and referral program was created with one goal in mind: To help our Agents succeed and make more money. Due to our rapid growth, Fireline Broadband offers one of the most aggressive and competitive compensation packages in the industry. Fireline Broadband’s agents have a portfolio filled with Products and Services to offer including unlimited growth potential.

At Fireline Broadband, we value our Agents and recognize that they are a key element to our growth and continued success. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial. Our customers are our most important asset and our cutting edge network allows us to provide cost effective communications solutions that exceed normal standards.

Fireline Broadband Agents enjoy:

  • Full support from our dedicated sales, installation and technical team
  • Superb Customer service and follow up
  • A robust network
  • Full support from Fireline Broadband’s professional team.
  • 24x7x365 local customer service support for your customers
  • Competitive compensation including volume commission
  • Portfolio of innovative products and services.
  • Business class internet solutions for all size business
  • Customized broadband solutions with speeds up to 10 Gbps
  • Competitive price points
  • Voip, spam filtering, web hosting and more

Referral Program

Why not start earning today?

It’s easy. Simply give us with your contact information in addition to the name of an interested party and we do the rest. All you need to do is fill out the form below or simply email us at A sales representative will contact your referral direct. Once the sale is finalized a check will be mailed directly to you.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Fireline Broadband’s referral program is open to all current customers.
  2. Self referrals or referrals for your own company are not eligible for referral program.
  3. All referrals must be submitted using the referral enrollment form provided on our website. If your referral form is submitted after Fireline Broadband has already contacted the prospect, it does not count.
  4. Referral leads must close within ninety (90) days of initial contact.

5. Existing customers account must be current in order to submit a referral
6. You cannot refer the same company more than once
7. Referral fee is based on regular price bandwidth, purchased by referred prospect. Not applicable on discounted circuits.
8. Referral credits are non-transferable.
9. You can refer as many companies as you would like.

Here is how it works

Review the eligibility requirements to make sure you qualify

Fill out the enrollment form below and begin submitting referrals.

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