Additional IP Address Request

American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) requires Internet Service Providers and their customers to justify address assignments. As a result, Fireline Broadband requires customers requesting more than 5 usable address (/29), to submit justification for current and future use of the address space. All request for IP addresses greater than a /29 requires a topology diagram or a detailed spreadsheet showing how the requested IP addresses will be used in your network.

Fireline Broadband’s guideline for requesting additional IP Address Assignments:

  1. Please fill out the following form if you require more than 5 usable addresses (/29).
    All request above a /29 requires a topology diagram or detailed spreadsheet showing how the requested IP space will be used in your network. All Fireline Broadband’s IP addresses are non-portable and will remain the property of Fireline Broadband. Allocated IP address will not be transferred to the customer under any circumstance.
  2. Applications not eligible for additional IP address assignments-
    1. Applications where NAT/PAT can be used.
    2. Allocation for individual workstations is not accepted. Customers are required to use NAT/PAT for this type of application.
    3. Web hosting- Customers should use virtual hosts for standard HTTP. If this is not possible, a detailed engineering explanation must be provided.
    4. Applications that may be a security risk to Fireline Broadband or its customers and applications where usage of a VPN is considered best practice.
      1. File sharing
      2. Remote Desktop access
      3. Active Directory Servers
      4. DHCP Servers

    Customer Information

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    The information below is required for routing your requested IP addresses to and from the Internet.

    Do you have any other active links to the Internet through another Internet Service Provider?*


    Do you have any other routable IP addresses assigned to you? (Other than RFC1918 address space?)*



    I have read and understand the requirements set forth above. I also understand that my request does not guarantee the requested network block will be allocated and that the size of the allocation is at the sole discretion of Fireline Broadband. I agree to comply to the IP address use guidelines provided by ARIN and Fireline Broadband. *